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Fax Service

Available at the Riverfront Library and Grinton I. Will Branch!

PLEASE NOTE: Faxes can only be SENT, NOT RECEIVED at these stations.


Step 1: Have your credit or fax debit card ready.  If you do not have a credit card, you may purchase a fax debit card at the Circulation Desk.

Buy a $3.50 fax debit card to fax up to 3 pages in the United States or 1 page internationally.
Buy a $6.50 debit card to fax up to 6 pages in the United States or 2 pages internationally.

Step 2: Use CLEAN, STRAIGHT letter or legal sized originals only.  If necessary, make letter or legal sized photocipies of originals that are undersized or damaged.  Remove all staples and paperclips.

Step 3: Press the RED [STOP] BUTTON on the fax keypad to clear the machine.

Step 4: Place up to eight letter or legal sized documents FACE DOWN in the fax tray below.

Step 5: Lift the handset and press [*3] on the fax keypad.  Have your credit or fax debit card number ready.  Scratch off the black strip on the fax debit card to reveal the number. 

Step 6: Listen carefully to the voice instructions.  When prompted, enter your credit or fax debit card number on the keypad. 

Step 7: For fax calls within the United States, Canada or the Caribbean: dial area code + number.

For international fax calls: dial 011 + country code + city code + number.

Step 8: Press the GREEN [START] BUTTON when you hear the high-pitched fax tone, then hang up.

Your card will be charged only when your fax has been sent successfully.
Card expires 90 days from first use.

NEED HELP?  Lift handset and dial [*0} or dial 1-800-468-2748

Fax 24 Public Fax Service is provided by Televend Services, Inc.

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