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Yonkers Public Library Rules of Behavior

Also see Internet Access Policy and Guidelines

Welcome to the Yonkers Public Library! The Library invites all members of the community to take full advantage of the Library, its books, materials, special services and programs. To ensure that each of us enjoys these privileges in comfort and safety, please adhere to applicable law and abide by the following:

1. Act in a calm and respectful manner:

  • keep noise levels at a minimum
  • use audio devices only with headsets
  • no running, fighting, roughhousing or disruptive behavior
  • no verbal or physical abuse
  • no cellphone use in quiet study areas

2. Leave the following items outside the library:

  • balloons
  • skates and skateboards
  • bicycles
  • sports equipment of any kind

3. The following are strictly prohibited:

  • alcohol and drugs
  • smoking
  • eating and drinking, except in designated areas
  • animals, except guide dogs

4. Don't bother or harass anyone:

  • no pamphleteering or petitioning
  • no selling
  • no recruiting, except in designated area with Branch Adminstrator's prior approval
  • no distribution of materials, except with Branch Administrator's prior approval

5. Pay attention to the safety and well-being of our children:

  • parents and guardians shall attend children 8 years old and younger at all times
  • only adults who are assisting children or using children's materials should enter the Children's Department

6. General comfort and safety:

  • wear appropriate clothes
  • no bare feet
  • no loitering
  • no sleeping

7. Use of the Library's computer technology:

  • Abide by the posted rules governing the use of all terminals and the Internet.

Failure to comply with Library rules may result in your removal from the Library and/or the loss of your library privileges.  Library staff may ask for assistance from the police.


Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Yonkers Public Library on October 21, 1998.
Revised February, 2004.

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