AARP Tax Preparation at the Will Library


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The history of tax collection extends at least as far back as ancient Egypt. 5000 years ago, however, Egyptian society lacked coined money, so taxes were paid largely in grain, which was needed for government administration, the construction of temples, religious offerings, and the maintenance of the government-mandated grain surpluses for redistribution. Sometime during the period of the Middle Kingdom (ca. 2030–1640 BCE), the Egyptian state began taxing individuals rather than whole communities, and for wealthy families, those tax bills could be considerable: “precise measures of new wheat (150 hekat-measures, about 4.5 litres), malted barley (one double hekat-measure), 10,000 loaves of ter-bread and an able-bodied slave girl.”

As onerous as paying our taxes may seem now, at least we don’t have to bake. And we have help! Beginning on February 1st, the Grinton I. Will branch of the Yonkers Public Library will provide free income tax preparation services through the AARP Foundation Tax Aide program. Every Tuesday and Wednesday through April 18th, from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM, IRS-certified volunteer tax counselors will be available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (no walk-ins) to answer your questions and help you prepare your tax returns. A few things to know about this service:

  • You must EITHER register IN-PERSON at any of the branches of the Yonkers Public Library OR register ONLINE at (we cannot take registrations over the phone).
  • You must complete and bring the packet of forms and documents that you receive when you register to your appointment. (You can also download and print these forms and documents here.)
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Masks are required during consultations.

Check out our Tax Information page for more on the AARP Tax Aide service as well as links and contact information for other tax related services.