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Internet Access Policy and Guidelines

All branches of the Yonkers Public Library offer Internet access as part of our mission to provide educational, cultural and recreational resources to our community. Internet terminals are located in many convenient locations, and there is also a wireless network available for patrons using their own equipment. This service is provided at no charge, but is subject to the following guidelines and restrictions:

  • The Internet draws upon a vast and unmoderated network of information and opinion, and patrons should employ caution and common sense in evaluating its content. Providing access does not imply that the Yonkers Public Library endorses or guarantees the accuracy of Internet resources.
  • Internet terminals have been configured with specific hardware and software to provide reliable and consistent service. Some terminals may be designated for instruction, catalog searches or other special purposes. Please do not make any changes to the terminals that wil affect their function or performance.
  • The Library employs filters to prevent access to specific sites that contain inappropriate images or promote illegal activities. Do not attempt to bypass these safeguards. If you believe a site has been blocked by mistake, you can request that we review and unblock it. Please do not display images, sounds or messages that will negatively affect those who find them objectionable or offensive. Patrons who use the Internet for illegal purposes will be banned from the Library and law enforcement authorities will be contacted when appropriate. In addition, please refrain from using these resources to conduct a business or commercial enterprise, or to engage in commercial activity such as the distribution of advertising.
  • The Library uses a self-service reservation system for Internet terminals, and it requires that users have a library card from any Westchester County library. Guest passes may be requested by non-county residents whom have identification on them. The Library may limit session time and sessions per day to ensure fair use of terminals – ask a librarian for more information. To ensure privacy, computer logs are deleted each day.
  • Wireless Internet access is provided by a separate network that limits the number of simultaneous users. During periods of high use, patrons may experience slow speeds or may not be able to log on. If patrons experience difficulty in logging onto the Library’s network, staff will offer general guidance by patrons are responsible for making any necessary changes to their own equipment.
  • The Library’s general policies on appropriate behavior also apply to areas where Internet service is provided. Loud or offensive language, horseplay and other activities that interfere with a patron’s right to the quiet enjoyment of library programs and services are prohibited, and appropriate action will be taken.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees
January 26, 2010