Yonkers Public Library (YPL) buildings have reopened. Learn more about our reopening plan.

Temporary Public Computer Service Plan

To keep computer access and library operations safe and hygienic, we’ve had to make some changes.

  • We can only offer limited computing services right now, to keep the library safe for everyone.

  • No guest passes and no reservations, since so few computers are available right now.  You must register for a library card in order to use a public computer.

  • If you don’t have ID or proof of address, you can get an Internet-only card! You can’t borrow books with this card, which expires after one year, but you can use the library computers once each day.
  • Everyone is limited to one 45-minute computer session per day. No extensions, so that more people can use the computers. 

  • Patrons suspected of using several library cards to get more time may lose their computer privileges.

  • You must wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth the whole time you are in the library.

  • In order for everyone to stay at a safe distance, library staff cannot give any hands-on help with computers or technology. We are sorry, but we can’t help you by doing anything like typing or using the mouse for you. No exceptions.

  • When the computer session is over, you must leave your seat and let the next person use the computer right away. 

  • Social distance is important! Patrons can’t share computers if this makes it impossible for other patrons to keep six feet away while using library computers.
  • Library staff may end computer sessions or suspend public computer use at any time.

  • All library policies must be followed while using the public computers.