Band of Brothers Podcast

The Band of Brothers Podcast is a companion to the HBO show Band of Brothers. The host is Roger Bennett, who is also the host of the podcast and television show Men in Blazers. Those involved in the making of Band of Brothers are interviewed and describe its behind-the-scenes production. The first three episodes released so far (there will be a total of 12) contain interviews with Tom Hanks, Ron Livingston, John Orloff, and Richard Loncraine. This is a podcast that will interest World War II buffs, fans of Band of Brothers, and those interested in film/TV production.

The series begins with an interview with Tom Hanks. Hanks was the executive producer and co-creator of the show, along with Steven Spielberg. Hanks describes how he and Spielberg decided to make a show about Stephen Ambrose’s book Band of Brothers rather than Citizen Soldiers. Hanks talks about getting to know veterans of Easy Company, especially Richard Winters. He tells the story of how Winters criticized a take of an episode for historical inaccuracy and how it had to be re-filmed. Hanks tells dozens of other fascinating stories that you will not want to miss.

Ron Livingston, who plays Lewis Nixon, was interviewed for Episode Two. Livingston talks about going through boot camp in preparation for the show. He was even trained as an officer to get into character for playing Nixon. Interestingly, Livingston met Nixon’s wife (Grace Umezawa) and she tested him to see if could drink as much as Nixon could. Livingston and Roger Bennett further discuss the making of Episode One of the show, entitled Curahee. There are lots of interesting stories and details about its production that will captivate fans of the show.

In Episode Three, John Orloff and Richard Loncraine talk about the making of Day of Days, the second episode of the TV series. Orloff, the writer of Day of Days, describes his career path from working in a marketing agency to becoming a writer for Band of Brothers. He describes basing this episode of the show on Winters’ incredible story on D-Day.  Loncraine, the director of Day of Days, talks about the mechanics of production and filming scenes from different points of view. Both of the interviews are sure to grab the attention of listeners to this podcast.  

The Band of Brothers Podcast is a perfect companion to the Band of Brothers TV series. There are stories and background information about WWII veterans that are fascinating! Watchers of the show will be reassured by the lengths to which the creators and writers to make the show historically accurate. You will appreciate Band of Brothers even more after you listen to this expertly crafted podcast.

The Band of Brothers Podcast can be listened to on podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It can also be listened to online

The book and TV show Band of Brothers is available through the Westchester Library System. There are also books available about characters depicted in the show. These materials can be placed on hold and picked up at the library.