Blog Post Review: The Office Deep Dive

The Office Deep Dive is a perfect podcast for fans The Office. It is hosted by Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone on the show. Brain interviews former cast members who used to be on the show and its creator, Greg Daniels. Actors interviewed so far include: Rainn Wilson (Dwight Shrute); Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesley); and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin). You hear about the nuts and bolts of how the show was filmed along with many amusing anecdotes.

I did know that getting cast into a show was difficult, but I learned just how difficult it is from the actors interviewed. Jenna Fischer talked about how she quit acting after auditioning for a long time without success. She was talked into pursing it again by her acting agent and she was eventually cast as Pam Beesley. Angela Kinsey auditioned for the character of Pam Beesley but did not hear back from anyone for a year. She impressed Greg Daniels and the directors, so they eventually called her back in to audition for the role of Angela Martin.

There were many interesting stories about the show that I learned from this podcast. Though Dunder Mifflin is located in Scranton, PA, the show was never filmed there. Though the directors were planning on shooting an episode in Scranton for St. Patrick’s Day, the logistics never worked out. Another interesting one is that the actors had to pretend to work in a office for a half an hour everyday. They had to be at their “desks” promptly at 7:30 AM.  The idea was to get the actors into the mindset of working in a office.

A funny story is how Rainn Wilson chose his haircut for Dwight Shrute. He somewhat copied the awkward haircut of Gareth Keenan in his role as Dwight in the British version of The Office. Rainn told his barber to make as much of his forehead visible as possible. He talked about how he has a large forehead and wanted to make the haircut as strange as possible. Now you know why Dwight’s haircut looks so odd.

These stories are just a tiny taste of what is talked about on this podcast. Fans of The Office will enjoy listening to tons of interesting and funny stories. For those looking to start watching a new show, listening to this podcast may motivate you to try out The Office.   

This podcast can be found on any major podcast app. It can be listened to on the iHeart Radio website.

Seasons of The Office can be found at branches of the Yonkers Public Library. You can place one on hold and pick it up at a branch of your choosing.

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