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Desegregation Resources

I. Some few primary documents, most notably:
(Please note that these items do not circulate and must be consulted on site in the library.)

NAACP (Yonkers branch). Black paper: the state of Yonkers, 1979  LH R 344.079 B

Settlement agreement in United States of America v. Yonkers Board of Education  LH R 344.079 S

Settlement agreement in United States of America v. Yonkers Board of Education: housing portion (2007) 
LH R 346.043 S

II. Some dissertations on the deseg case and on the local public schools:
(Please note that these items do not circulate and must be consulted on site in the library.)

Lynne M. Pachnowski. An analysis of the attitudes of public and private parents and students of Yonkers, New York, regarding the Yonkers Public Schools’ voluntary student transfer desegregation remedy (1994) 
LH R 370.19 P

Geraldine Pisacreta. The effect of court-ordered busing for desegregation and the creation of magnet schools on student achievement (2000)   LH R 379.26 P

Rachelle M. Salerno. Segregation, northern style: a political history of non-policy making in Yonkers, New York (1985)   LH R 363.55

Michael V. Yazurlo. Desegregation: yesterday, today and tomorrow: a case study of the Yonkers public schools (1990)    LH R 370.19 Y

Also of interest: Bruce D. Haynes. The social construction of a black suburban community: a case study of Runyon Heights, Yonkers, New York, 1912-1994 (1995) LH R 305.896 H


III. Local newspapers (online and in microfilm format):

Microfilm of The Herald Statesman (mid-March 1932 – mid-October 1998)
Microfilm of The Journal News (mid-October 1998 – present)
Microfilm of The New York Times (1851 – present)
(Note: There is a charge of 15 cents per copy for printing from the microfilm reader)

Online access to an archive of The Journal News is available on our website here.  It can be accessed in the library and at home with your YPL library card.

Please note: Though the library has an index to The Herald Statesman for the period September 1985 through mid-August 1998, The Herald Statesman is un-indexed for most of its run. The library has an index to The Journal News for the years:

2002 (incomplete)
Jan. – June 2004
2006 – 2010
2012 – 2016   


IV. Books providing local historical background information:

Charles Allison. The History of Yonkers (W.B. Ketcham, 1896; reprinted, Harrison Hill Books, 1984)  LH R 974.7277 A

Lisa Belkin. Show Me a Hero (Little, Brown, 1999) LH R 974.7277 B – the deseg case during the mayoralty of Nicholas Wasicsko 

Harold A. Esannason and Vinnie Bagwell. A Study of African-American life in Yonkers from the turn of the century (H.A. Esannason, 1993) LH R 974.7277 S

Bruce D. Haynes. Red lines, black spaces: the politics of race and space in a black middle-class suburb (Yale, 2001) LH R 974.7277 H – a study of the Runyon Heights neighborhood

Rev. Thomas Shelley. Slovaks on the Hudson (Catholic U. Press, 2002) – good for Yonkers history in the 20th Century  LH R 282.7472 S                                    

Frank Walton. Pillars of Yonkers (Stratford House, 1951)  LH R 974.727 W

Marilyn E. Weigold.  Yonkers in the twentieth century (SUNY Press, 2014) LH R 974.7304 W

Dated, but worth reading as a sketch of Yonkers history: Harrison Salisbury’s 4-part series on Yonkers in the New York Times, April 18-21, 1955 ; the first article has been reprinted in the Winter 2003 issue (vol.12, #4) of The Yonkers Historian, the Yonkers Historical Society newsletter.


The Web site claims to have posted the contents of The Herald Statesman for the years 1932-1985, with the exception of the year 1948; and this Web site allows for online searching


The only official documents that we have relating to the desegregation case are:

1) The decision of the court rendered on November 20, 1985

2) The court’s housing remedy order rendered on May 28, 1986 

3) A notice to plaintiff-intervenors of a proposed settlement and public hearing (in the education portion of the case) scheduled for March 26, 2002

4) The settlement agreement (education portion of the case) dated January 31, 2002, and

5) The settlement agreement (housing portion of the case) dated April 1, 2007.


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