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Desegregation Resources

There are a few documents held by Riverfront Library, including the local NAACP’s ‘black paper’ and the eventual school settlement agreement.

Accessible on site in the Riverfront Library:

(Please note that these items do no circulate and must be used on site in the library.)

Some dissertations on the desegregation case and on the local public schools, including Michael Yazurlo’s Desegregations: …a case study of the Yonkers public schools (1990).

  • Microfilm of The Herald Stateman (mid-March 1932 – mid-October 1998)*
  • Microfilm of The Journal News (mid-October 1998 – present)
  • Microfilm of The New York Times (1851 – present)

(There is a $.15 charge per page for printing from the microfilm reader)

Online access to an archive of The Journal News is available on our website at  It can be accessed in the library or at home for YPL cardholders.

Though the library has an index to The Herald Statesman for the period September 1985 through mid-August 1998, The Herald Statesman is unindexed for most of its run.  The library has an index to The Journal News for the years 2003 and

2006-2012, and an incomplete index for the year 2002.  (An index for the year 2004 is currently being prepared, and an index for the year 2005 is projected for the future).

Local history background:

  • Charles Allison, The History of Yonkers (1896)
  • Frank Walton, Pillars of Yonkers (1950)
  • Rev. Thomas Shelley, Slovaks on the Hudson (2002) – good for Yonkers history in the 20th century
  • Harrison Salisbury’s 4-part series on Yonkers in the The New York Times,April 18-21, 1955; the first article has been reprinted in the Winter 2003 issue (vol. 12, #4) of The Yonkers Historian, the newsletter of the Yonkers Historical Society.

* The website claims to have posted the contents ofThe Herald Statesman for the years 1932-1985, with the exception of the year 1948; and this website allows for online searching.