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Diane McCrink, Head of the Will Library Children’s Department, Retires

Diane McCrink celebrated her retirement among friends and colleagues at the Will Library on November 30th after 26 years of service at the Yonkers Public Library.

YPL has been a large part of Diane’s life, from childhood through adulthood, parenthood, and now retirement. 

“As a lifelong Yonkers resident until recently, I have fond memories of going to the Broadway Branch as a child and walking home with a stack of books,” Diane said. “I did much of my research homework for library school at the Will Branch. Visits to Will Branch nurtured my children’s love of reading.”

Diane found her calling for work as a librarian while she was in college. “I was the one who helped everyone find information,” she said. “I guess I knew my way around a library even then. Also, I had a college friend who was working in a library and after accompanying her to work, I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

Diane has worked in the Children’s Department of the Will Library, helping to guide and support its patrons through the years. Sharing her love of books with children, watching them grow, and getting to know the families has been something she has loved the most during her time as a librarian.

“It has been my pleasure to be part of [the]Will Children’s Department,” Diane said. “I have enjoyed meeting children and watching them outgrow our room. I have enjoyed all the story times, craft programs, musical performers, magic shows, Halloween dress up and even a couple of long ago sleep overs. My years here have been so satisfying and rewarding and I am fortunate to have the chance to get to know our patrons.”

Diane not only impacted the many patrons she has helped over the years, but her fellow YPL librarians as well. Tara Somersall, the Children’s Department Head at the Riverfront Library, reflected on her time working with Diane.

“Diane was a wonderful supervisor who always led by example,” Tara said. “She allowed her staff to flourish within their specialty areas and beyond. She was supportive and a great listener. More importantly, she helped prepare me for the position I hold today as Children’s department head.”

Aili Whelan, a Children’s Librarian at Will, celebrates Diane’s impact as a librarian.

“Diane has always been the quintessence of Children’s librarianship,” Aili said. “A voracious reader with great discernment, she taught me how to look for both the funniest read-alouds and the most accurate nonfiction. I fondly recall our dramatic performances of “Green Eggs and Ham” on school visits, which always got big laughs from the students! Her many talents will not be wasted as she starts this new chapter!”

Jesse Montero, the director of YPL, also spoke on Diane’s influence.

“As the Head of the Will Library Children’s Department, Diane has helped cultivate curiosity, imagination, and a love of reading for generations of Yonkers youth. I can’t think of a finer legacy for a librarian and we all wish her a happy, well-earned retirement.”

If you’re a parent of a young reader, Diane offers this advice: “Read, read, read to your children! Not only is it beneficial to them, you will have wonderful memories of sharing favorite books with them and they will have wonderful memories as well.”

As Diane enters the next chapter of her life, spending more time with her grandchildren, she leaves behind a legacy of growth, creating a bright, welcoming place for children to explore their love of reading with an amazing collection of books. Some of Diane’s favorite books – ones that she read herself growing up, ones she has read to her children, and others that she recommends for any reader – are below.