#DigitalTuesday Spotlight: Weiss Financial Ratings

This is the sixth in a series of posts highlighting some of the valuable (but not always well-known) digital resources you have access to as a YPL cardholder. Click here for the full list of #digitaltuesday posts.

It’s #digitaltuesday! YPL subscribes to dozens of apps, research databases, and digital content libraries for books, movies and comic books that you can access for free with your YPL card. You can find the full list of these resources by visiting the YPL Research page at ypl.org/research. Today’s featured database is Weiss Financial Ratings

Weiss Financial Ratings offers powerful new tools to protect your finances, invest wisely, grow your wealth, and learn more about your finances. These are some of the helpful features of the database:

  • Access to over 53,000 independent and unbiased ratings of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), banks, credit unions and insurance companies.
  • Watchlists you can subscribe to that allow you to follow companies and be alerted by email when their ratings are upgraded or downgraded.
  • Customizable screens that allow you to compare companies side by side. 
  • A Medicare Supplement Insurance Planner that gives you a step by step guide to picking a Medigap Insurance Plan.
  • Instructional guides about how to buy a home, plan for retirement, and protect yourself from online scams.

Another database that can help you with business research is AtoZdatabases.  With this database, you can find the contact information for businesses, business executives, and 240 million residents in the United States. You can also job hunt while on it. There are over 7 million employment opportunities listed.  AtoZdatabases is ideal for sales leads, mailing lists, and market research. 

Getting Started With Weiss Financial Ratings

1.) Access Weiss from the Research Databases section of the Yonkers Public Library website.

2.) Enter your 14-digit library card number, name, email address, and create a password to set-up an account. 

3.) Click on an icon or use the search bar to begin browsing.

Happy researching!