All YPL buildings are closed until further notice.  For information on our reopening plans, visit our Reopening FAQ.

Welcome to the Homebound Service

Books for the Homebound is a service which provides books through mail to people who are homebound.  

Due to the ongoing health emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic, this program will remain suspended as long as our buildings are closed. If you are interested in receiving delivery of library materials once the service resumes, you can e-mail us at: We will process your registration and send you introductory materials as soon as we are able to do so.


Who Qualifies?
All Persons of any age (child, teen, adult, senior adult) who are visually or physically impaired and/or have difficulty moving around All disabled persons whether the disability is long or short-term

Isn’t this great?
NO cost to you NO Library card needed NO age requirement

What Yonkers Public Library Does?
Every month, we send you a maximum of two books of your choice. If specific titles are not available, we will send you a suitable substitute that you might also enjoy.

We send the books in a re-usable mailbag which you will then use to mail the books back to the Library at no charge to you! We provide: a mail bag, return postage label, and return postage.

We provide: regular print books, LARGE PRINT BOOKS, and audiobooks

How the Homebound service works:
Books for the Homebound is a service which provides books through mail to people who are homebound. Upon registering in the program, we make note of the particular author, title, or subject you request. It helps us if you are as specific as you can be. We then search for your choice. If we unable to locate the exact request, we will provide you with an appropriate substitute. We welcome your feedback and comments.

Call 914-337-1500 ext. 357 for registration information. If you do you have a specific author or title in mind, please let us know or give us a subject request being as specific as you can be.

Please address this form to:
Books for the Homebound
Yonkers Public Library
1500 Central Park Ave.
Yonkers, NY 10710