Histories of Change, Continuity, and Community: Yonkers Episodes 4 & 5

Histories of Change, Continuity, and Community: Yonkers presents two new episodes focused on government aid in Yonkers. Welfare and public assistance has a long history of policies and structures that are often perceived as discriminatory.  In addition to examining these historical narratives, the episodes also explore current government and community programs that support local residents.

Yonkers’ Government Aid Programs: An Investigation of Their Effects on Mothers of Color uncovers the evolution of this history. Hosted by Aliya Moudud, it investigates policies that have disproportionately affected mothers of color. The episode also discusses present-day Yonkers featuring interviews with a community advocate and social worker.

The second episode, Organizing the Community of Yonkers: Mutual Aid Through Community Connection is hosted by Elan Retzlaff. This podcast highlights the importance of building strong relationships within the community. It explores sources of division and unity, by detailing the history of mutual aid in Yonkers.  Interviews with a community service coordinator and the co-chair of the Westchester Continuum further provide resources to inform action and develop systems of support.

Both podcasts are concerned with offering support to residents in Yonkers. Listeners will be moved by the call to action to support each other in as many ways as possible. By emphasizing community organization, residents can uplift one another in ways that are effective, rather than performative.

The podcasts can be listened to on the digital archive.