Home Fitness Tips

Home fitness overwhelms some people because of the wide variety of exercises and equipment. The unfortunate side effect is a lack of motivation. Here is a quick rundown of basic equipment needed to begin your fitness journey at home.

If you own hardwood floors, purchasing an exercise mat will guard against scratches and indents that can leave permanent marks. It will ensure that your gear is protected. The mats are flexible and soft and are comfortable for performing many types of workout routines. You can have a small patch to go under your bench, or you can get a larger mat to create a comfortable area to do workouts. 

Purchasing equipment can also be a daunting task. One helpful item is a stability ball — they’re very affordable and come in different sizes for height.  Adjustable dumbbells are also a great addition to a home gym. In order to progress on your fitness journey, you’ll need to gradually increase the weights. Adjustable dumbbells are a cost-efficient and convenient way to acquire strength and agility.

Resistance bands are good for people who are looking to build endurance; they’re affordable, compact, and versatile. You can use one, two, ten — as many as you need. They’re a great way to ease into using weights. For a quick cardio fix, a jump rope is all you’ll need!

Pull up bars are a great tool for calisthenics. You can store them easily if you select the type that fits in a doorframe. When you’re ready to advance, invest in a bench. This will allow you to elevate your workout by doing exercises at different inclines.

Always seek guidance from a professional when choosing a routine or purchasing equipment. You should first determine what you want to achieve before adding equipment to your home gym. 

The Crestwood Crew values a good workout. Our staff members participate in all kinds of fitness activities, including walking, weight lifting, biking, paddle-boarding, kayaking, and ice skating. We wish you a happy workout and healthy new year!

— Crestwood Crew