Introducing Histories of Change, Continuity, and Community: Yonkers

Histories of Change, Continuity, and Community: Yonkers is a podcast series that features stories about local history. Produced by Sarah Lawrence College students, they interview various community members to examine the entwined relationship between people, places and ideas that shape the city. This series enables listeners to understand how individual and community action allows Yonkers to survive and thrive throughout the 20th century and beyond.

The first episode of the podcast is hosted by Fifer Charlie Loftus, Yonkers Public Library’s Summer Intern. Loftus discusses public libraries as portrayers of information and education to the public. Libraries provide books, movies, educational and social programming, and other important resources to residents. Bookmobiles were created to provide even more accessibility to the library’s resources. The bookmobiles in Yonkers sought to bring the library to residents who otherwise would not have come. Despite being a free and public resource, historically libraries were thought of as something for the upper class and well-educated members of society. In their podcast, Bringing the Library to the People: Bookmobiles in Yonkers, Fifer Charlie Loftus explores how bookmobiles were created to break that barrier. Loftus interviews Eugene Howell, who worked on the bookmobiles and discusses his experience visiting the Yonkers bookmobiles as a child.

The podcast series has a total of 11 episodes and features interviews from local politician Chuck Lesnick and famed civil rights attorney Michael Sussman. Histories of Change, Continuity, and Community:Yonkers offers interesting and compelling stories for anyone interested in learning more about “The City of Gracious Living” and more recently “Westchester’s Hippest City.” The hosts and interviewees share inspirational messages of hope and commitment to their communities, family and city. Listeners will enjoy learning about Yonkers, ways to get involved and hearing from their neighbors.

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The Yonkers Public Library created a curated reading list to accompany these podcasts. Some of these books can only be read at a branch of the Yonkers Public Library. Contact a librarian for further questions.