Landscape Art and Virtual Travel

Image citation: Scene from “The Last of the Mohicans,” Cora Kneeling at the Feet of Tamenund. Thomas Cole, 1827.

Beginning on August 28, the Hudson River Museum will open an exhibit called “Landscape Art and Virtual Travel.” Paintings of landscapes, both real and fictional, will be on display. Included in this genre are works by artists from the Hudson River School: Paintings by Thomas Cole, Asher R. Durand and Thomas Moran will be on display. Additionally, African American and Native American artists will have their works highlighted. Photographs taken by Jeremy Dennis, a Native American artist who photographed places important to the Shinnecock nation, will be on exhibit. The Hudson River Museum will also be displaying fictional landscape works by Frohawk Two Feathers and Alison Mortisugu.

In coordination with the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers Public Library has created a display of books that illuminate this subject. Below is a list of the books that have been placed on display at the Grinton I. Will Library. Feel free to come to the library to check out these books.


Painting Landscapes by Konstantin Bazarov 

Landscape Painting: A History by Nils Büttner 

Knights of the Brush: the Hudson River School and the Moral Landscape by James F. Cooper

The Hudson River School by Trewin Copplestone

Charmed Places: Hudson River Artists and Their Houses, Studios, and Vistas by Sandra S. Phillips and Linda Weintraub

The Hudson River and its Painters by John K. Howat

The Landscapes of Frederic Edwin Church: Vision of an American Era by David Carew Huntington

John Frederick Kensett, an American Master by John Paul Driscoll, Susan E. Strickler and John K. Howat

American Sublime: Landscape and Scenery of the Lower Hudson Valley by Raymond J. O’Brien

Painting Central Park by Roger F. Pasquier and Amanda Burden

Long Island Landscape Painting, Volume II: the Twentieth Century by Ronald G. Pisano and Beverly Rood

Landscape Painting: The Complete Guide by Richard Pikesley 

Painters and the American West: the Anschutz Collection by Joan Carpenter Troccoli  et al.

American Light: the Luminist Movement1850-1875 by John Wilmerding and Lisa Fellows Andrus

American Sublime: Landscape Painting in the United States, 1820-1880 by Andrew Wilton