Light Up Your Valentine’s Day

Teens, DO NOT throw out that old nail polish!  We found the perfect craft to brighten up your loved one’s day.  All three branches are having in-person programs to show you how to create beautiful marbled votive candle holders.  Call your friends and join us at the branch of your choosing, and give that special someone a gift made from the heart.  

Dates and Times:

Crestwood Library – Sunday, February 6th at 3 PM
Riverfront Library – Wednesday, February 9th at 4 PM
Will Library – Monday, February 14th at 3 PM

How To Video:



Materials Needed:

clear glass votive cups
nail polish
container with water
nail polish remover
cotton balls
clear spray sealant (optional)

Prep the Water

Fill a container half full with water. The marbling will work best with water that’s just slightly warmer than room temperature.

Mix It

This part needs to happen quickly, so that the nail polish doesn’t have time to dry. Beginning with your first color, let a few drops of polish fall onto the water. Tip: Apply them near the water’s surface; if you let them fall from too high they’ll sink to the bottom. The polish will start spreading once it hits the water. After you have a few drops of the first color, add a second and it will spread a bit as well.

Swirl it

Quickly and gently drag a toothpick across the surface of the water to swirl the colors and create a marbled effect. These last two steps shouldn’t take much more than a minute or so.

Dip it

With the votive held sideways, gently dip and roll the surface across the nail polish on the water. The polish will pull off of the water and stick to the votive. Roll the votive until all sides are covered. If you’d like marbling on the bottom as well, dip the bottom into the water to pick up more nail polish. Set the votive upside down to dry.

Let it Cure

If desired, take to a well-ventilated area and spray with a clear sealant to protect the marbling.

Now add your tea light

Fill your marbled candleholders with candles and enjoy!

*Mask are required in the library at all times. If you can’t join us, Grab and Go bags will be available after the event at the Reference Desks at Riverfront/Crestwood and the YA Desk at Will.