Making History in Real Time

Our lives have been immeasurably changed by the COVID-19 pandemic we’re all experiencing right now. Yonkers Public Library (YPL) is documenting our local history, and we want to know what your life has been like since the pandemic began.

We want to capture these times for future generations to understand this period in history. What has changed for you since the crisis began? What have you been through, and what would you want your descendants to know about these times?

YPL will be conducting one-on-one interviews through Zoom with anyone who wishes to share their stories. If you would rather share a photograph or a written story about your experience, you can do that, too. YPL has created a form where you can let us know what you want to share. Please fill out our waiver form before sharing anything with us.

Your story or photograph will be preserved in the YPL digital archive      

We look forward to hearing from you!