Meet the Staff Interview With Shauna Porteus, Deputy Director

Welcome back to our Meet the Staff interview series! Today we interview the wonderful Shauna Porteus, who is the Deputy Director of YPL.

After being in the business for fifteen years, Shauna has a plethora of insightful and meaningful insights regarding the intricacies and importance of libraries within larger communities.

Throughout this interview, Shauna speaks about how libraries are a center for public information, and how vital that was and continues to be throughout the Pandemic.

She speaks about the various ways that libraries offer support and resources to community members who are in crisis, in both everyday as well as long term ways.

Finally, she speaks about how libraries highlight and bring out the best in people, and are a place that make her and so many hopeful about the future!

Please go ahead and watch the full interview to hear everything else Shauna has to say, you won’t want to miss it!