National Grammar Day

Are you a stickler for grammar mistakes? Do you consider yourself an expert of the English language? Well there’s a holiday for you! March 4 is National Grammar Day, a celebration of all things grammar in the English language.

National Grammar Day was founded in 2008 by author Martha Brackenbrough. In an interview with Grammarly, Brackenbrough explained that she founded the day to help her students with their grammar in a lively and positive way.

If you’re looking to improve your grammar, here are a few great tips from the Oklahoma State University Writing Center.

  • Read!

This one is easy to accomplish with your Yonkers Public Library card. The more you read, the more you’ll be exposed to different grammar rules and reinforce correct grammar usage, which will help you use more accurate grammar in your own writing.

  • Use a grammar manual

This can be especially useful if you’re a writer, or if you do a lot of writing for school or work. When you have a specific grammar question, it’s great to have a guide on hand to reference. It will help you avoid common grammatical mistakes and become more confident in your writing.

The Yonkers Public Library has plenty of English grammar guide books, for native and non-native English speakers, that you can borrow.

  • Re-read aloud

When proofreading your own writing, it can be especially helpful to read out loud to yourself. It’s much easier to catch grammar mistakes when you hear it spoken aloud.

The Yonkers Public Library also has other resources for students who may be struggling in their grammar lessons at school. Each YPL branch offers Homework Help from a certified tutor after school during the school week. Be sure to check the event calendar for specific dates and times.

Your library card also gets you access to, an online tutoring service that connects students to qualified tutors in math, science, social studies, and English.

Alison Robles is a part-time page at the Crestwood Library. She is an avid reader with a passion for YA lit, history and science fiction. A Yonkers native, she graduated from Iona University in 2020 with a dual-degree in Marketing and Public Relations.