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National Library Week – Yonkers Public Library history

Hello, everyone! This is Michael from the Will Library. Being that it is almost National Library Week (April 17-April 25), I want to let you all know about a couple of important figures from the history of Yonkers Public Library.

The first person is Grinton I. Will. In case anyone is wondering, I stands for Ingham. He was the director of the Yonkers Public Library from 1933 to 1973. He oversaw the expansion of the Yonkers Public Library, which included the building of three new branches. These included the Grassy Sprain Library (which was named the Grinton I. Will Library upon Will’s retirement), the Hudson River Branch, and the Coyne Park branch. With the construction of these branches, there were five branches of the library in all. Besides the three that I mentioned, there were also the  Carnegie Library and the Crestwood branch. There is a lot more I could write about the interesting programs that he oversaw and the increased circulation of books under his direction, but I figured you might want to hear from the man himself! No, he has not been resurrected, but we do have interviews of him in the Yonkers Public Library digital archive. This is the link to one that I think you’ll find to be educational and entertaining:  

Another important figure in Yonkers Public Library history is Eugene Howell. He has worked numerous positions at the library, including library clerk, IT support, and reference librarian, which is his current position. We have been lucky to have had him at the Yonkers Public Library for over 40 years. To listen to his funny and personal narrative of Yonkers Public Library history, please click here:



That’s all for now. Enjoy!