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Podcast Review: After the Whistle with Brendan Hunt and Rebecca Lowe

After the Whistle with Brendan Hunt and Rebecca Lowe is a comedy podcast about the FIFA World Cup. The hosts are Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach Beard in Ted Lasso, and Rebecca Lowe, a presenter for NBC Sports. They analyze matches and critique players and coaches. Both are not afraid to critique their respective teams, which for Hunt is USA and for Lowe is England. Hunt and Lowe have an excellent chemistry and they both have great senses of humor. Listeners will be updated by the results of the World Cup as well being entertained by the hosts.

The first episode that I listened to was a preview of the match between the USA and England that included an interview with Jason Sudeikis. Playing Ted Lasso in the show Ted Lasso made Sudeikis fans on both sides of the Atlantic, which put him in a difficult position in terms of rooting for a team. In the end, he went with the U.S. and pokes a jab at English tea. Hunt and Lowe are weary of predicting an outcome due to the unpredictability of the World Cup but are hoping for victories for their teams. Sudeikis draws additional laughs to an already funny podcast. 

Hunt and Lowe express frustration with their respective teams in the following episode. The USA and English teams battled to a scoreless draw. Though the USA played better than expected, Hunt believes they should have won in a match that they overall dominated. Lowe states that the English played far too timid and questions the English coach’s decisions. They both make good points that are insightful for people who don’t regularly watch soccer.  

Yesterday’s episode is a reaction to the USA winning their match over Iran. The USA were dominant in the first half but Iran came back strong in the second half. Hunt talks about being on his feet for the entire duration of the match and sweating bullets as the pressure from Iran increased. Lowe questions how good the English team is despite them scoring many goals in recent wins. Shocking wins like Saudi Arabia upsetting Argentina and Japan beating Germany probably made her nervous about being too optimistic. 

After the Whistle will make you excited to watch the World Cup. The excitement that Hunt and Lowe have is contagious and you will be eager to watch upcoming matches after listening to this podcast. Their knowledge of the game is insightful to those who may be watching soccer for the first time. Lowe and Hunt provide humorous commentary to go along with their analyses of teams and matches. After the Whistle is an excellent companion to the World Cup.

You can listen to After the Whistle on the Apple Podcasts website or apps such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Michael Walsh

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