Podcast Review: Career Cloud Radio

Hey, everyone!

An interesting and informative podcast for those wanting to hear career advice or find a new job is Career Cloud Radio. The topics discussed in the podcast include writing a resume, interview tips, coping during the pandemic, and many more!  There are many interviews about people’s experiences in searching for a job. These personal testimonies could be helpful to those in the midst of job searching.

A good episode to start off with is Handling Hardball Interview Questions with Max Chan. Max Chan describes struggling to find a job for 11 months. He talks about interviews that he bombed and questions that he wished he had answered better. He talks about how, after struggling to find a job, he founded his career coaching company, Chan With a Plan. This success story will inspire hope in those who are having a hard time finding a job. There are helpful tips for those who have interviews scheduled and ways to prepare for them.

 Another informative episode is Diving into Resume Composition and What It Means to Employers with Virginia Franco. Franco is a professional writer and specialist in resume writing.   She is certified by the National Resume Writers Association, Career Thought Leaders, and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Franco talks in depth about the formatting of a resume and how to make your resume stand out. Resumes are often the first impression an employer gets; Franco provides advice that will make yours stand out.

An episode especially relevant to the time that we are living in is Tara Haelle on How to Alleviate Feelings of Depression and Cope with the Pandemic. Haelle, a senior contributor to Forbes, has written articles about mental- and other health-related issues. In the episode, she gives solace to those depressed during the pandemic and also unemployed. She lists ways of fighting depression and provides helpful plans to get you through a difficult day.

Most of the episodes of this podcast are with job coaches and career specialists. Each one focuses on a different aspect of job searching and career. When topics overlap, it is to present different advice or another helpful suggestion. As in the episode with Tara Haelle, this podcast stays up to date on difficult experiences people are facing. Career Cloud Radio may provide inspiration to those who are trying to find a job during this pandemic.  

Career Cloud Radio can be found on apps including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. It can also be listened to on the Career Cloud Radio website.