Podcast Review: Financial inTuition Podcast

Hey Everyone!

The Financial inTuition Podcast is an educational series created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The podcast features episodes about managing money, saving and paying for higher education, and student debt. People who have experienced these issues are interviewed and give advice about how to manage these financial decisions.

Among the most significant topics discussed on the podcast are student loans. Aaron Satyanarayana, an undergraduate in college, provides insight into how he manages his student loans. He discusses his payment plan, highlighting scholarships and financial aid opportunities available to students. While in high school, Satyanarayana learned about these options from guidance counselors. He recommends contacting prospective colleges or universities to discuss financial aid options before committing to attend a particular school. 

The challenges of tackling student loan debt is another area of discussion on Financial inTuition. Dr. Bridget Peters, a resident in medical school, discusses her student loan repayment plant. Dr. Peters created a budget ensuring she made her payments on time. Because she has developed a repayment plan for her student debt, it is a manageable expense, allowing her to feel confident in her career choice and still enjoy life. 

Another episode centers on educational opportunities for veterans. Charmain Bogue, Executive Director of Educational Service for the Veterans Benefits Administration, discusses ways veterans can finance their education and the educational institutions they can attend. 

Besides the insightful episodes about higher education expenses and debt, Financial inTuition covers other  financial literacy topics, such as money management and understanding credit. 

A valuable aspect to this podcast is that each episode features interviews with people who have firsthand knowledge of the topic discussed. The featured resources can be used to help resolve financial difficulties and pathways for support are summarized at the end of each episode. The Financial inTuition Podcast provides informative and practical advice for those looking to learn more about higher education costs, loans, and money management.