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Podcast Review: JML Experience-Baseball Only

The JML Experience-Baseball Only is a podcast about the latest news in Major League Baseball (MLB). The hosts are JML and Frank Sullo, who works in the Tech Processing Office at the Grinton I. Will Library. JML and Frank’s latest episode is about the struggling New York Yankees. In previous episodes, they discussed topics such as changes to the 2023 MLB season and the suspension of Fernado Tatis, Jr. JML and Frank are knowledgeable about baseball, and listeners will find their opinions to be insightful.

Anyone who follows the Yankees knows of their downward spiral as of late. JML and Frank discuss the team’s struggles in their latest episode. They analyze statistics of players to show why the team has not been performing well, which they determine is a problem with hitting. Star players on the Yankees have struggled at the plate, and their batting averages have drastically declined after a promising start. JML and Frank also question the starting of prospects so late in the season. For Yankee fans, this episode may be disheartening, but the hosts raise a lot of good points that will hopefully be addressed by the Yankees organization.

A previous episode is about the changes to the MLB 2023 season. This includes all teams playing each other and playing on opening day. The hosts also discuss the apology of Fernando Tatis, Jr. for use of a performance- enhanced drug that led to his suspension for 80 games. They felt his apology was sincere but delayed and consider the possible effect on his reputation. JML and Frank discuss a lot of interesting topics in this episode, and they have insightful perspectives on them.

The JML Experience is a good podcast for baseball fans. JML and Frank are Yankees fans, but they discuss other baseball teams and players as well. They are realists when it comes to baseball and listeners will appreciate their brutal honesty. This is also a good podcast choice for those who want to learn about baseball. JML and Frank have a lot to offer to those who want to learn more about the sport.

The JML Experience: Baseball Only can be watched on YouTube.      

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