Podcast Review: Shark Week-The Podcast

Shark Week may be over but you can continue to learn about sharks by listening to Shark Week: The Podcast. The host is Luke Lipple, a marine biologist and shark specialist who conducts interviews with other shark experts. In the podcast episodes I listened to, marine biologists talked about great white sharks hunting each other in South Africa, battles between mako sharks and swordfish, and the survival story of an Australian Navy diver who was attacked by a bull shark. This podcast is filled with interesting facts and stories about sharks that will fascinate listeners.

In “Why Great Sharks Are Killing Great Whites in South Africa.” Lipple interviews marine biologists and “shark women” Alison Towner and Leigh de Necker about how great white sharks have become the prey of killer whales. The scientists describe the intelligence of orcas, and how they are able to stun great white sharks by flipping them on their backs. Once the sharks are defenseless, they are consumed. The guests also talk about the effect an absence of sharks will have on the marine ecosystem in South Africa. It was interesting to hear how a feared predator has become the favorite food of certain killer whales.

A podcast episode with an equally catchy title is “The Epic Battles of Between Swordfish and Mako Sharks.” In this episode, Lipple talks with mako shark experts Joe and Lauren Romeiro, who describe the rivalry of swordfish and mako sharks. They witnessed the aftermath of a battle between the two in which the “sword” of the swordfish was lodged into the gills of a mako shark. When asked if whether they would rather be in the ocean with mako sharks or swordfish, they answered swordfish, which is revealing of the aggressiveness of the fish and their knowledge of mako sharks. You will be entertained with these tales of a surprising rivalry. 

In the episode “How to Survive a Shark Attack,”  Paul de Gelder tells the story of his shark attack. While doing routine training with the Australian Navy, he was mauled by a bull shark. Miraculously, he survived, despite losing an arm and leg in the attack. Paul was understandably angry at sharks following the attack, but became at peace with what happened to him. He talks about how few humans are killed by sharks compared to the millions that are killed by humans each year. De Gelder’s story is astonishing and he delivers an inspirational message.

Shark Week : The Podcast is the perfect follow-up to the Shark Week programs by the Discovery Channel.  In fact, many of the experts featured on the programs are interviewed on the podcast. What is emphasized in this podcast is the need to protect sharks, as they are an essential part of the marine ecosystem. They are far more complex than the human-eating monsters that they are made out to be in Hollywood movies. The amazing facts about them and the entertaining stories will keep you listening to this podcast.

Shark Week: The Podcast can be heard on the Discovery Channel website or podcast apps such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Mike Walsh

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