Podcast Review: Shea Station

Shea Station is a podcast dedicated to The Mets. The hosts are Jolly Olive and former Mets player Jerry Blevins. They breakdown Mets games, discuss player performances, and Blevins tells stories about playing with them. They maintain a positive outlook of the team despite recent losses by highlighting strong performances from players. Olive and Blevins have a good chemistry, which creates entertaining conversations that listeners are sure to enjoy.    

Shea Station was launched the day after The Mets were swept by The Phillies. This could have lead to the first episode being critical of The Mets but Olive and Blevins maintained an upbeat attitude. Rather than go on angry sports rants, they highlighted good performances of their bullpen and players like Drew Smith. They offer silver linings to their losses. This could be refreshing for fans who are used to hearing harsh criticisms of their favorite team.

Having Jerry Blevins as a host of this podcast helps explain baseball from a player’s perspective. Blevins describes what it is like facing fierce hitters and a player’s mentality going into rival stadiums. He also talks about handling press conferences especially after tough games. This insight from a player’s perspective will fascinate baseball fans. 

Mets fans will enjoy listening to the “this day in history” part of the podcast. In this segment, historic Mets games and notable wins are talked about. In the first episode, a game that Jerry Blevins pitched in is described. His memories of that game are gripping!

Shea Station is a podcast Mets fans will enjoy listening to. There are lots of jokes and banter between the hosts that will entertain listeners. The team is carefully analyzed and interesting nuggets are highlighted by Blevins. There is a blend of seriousness and comedy that makes this podcast enjoyable to listen to. 

Shea Station can be listened on podcast apps such as Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. It can also be listened on the Apple Podcasts website.