Podcast Review: Talking Yanks

The opening day of baseball is Thursday, April 1. To get excited for it, and more specifically The Yankees, you should listen to the podcast Talkin’ Yanks. The hosts are Jimmy O’Brien (known as Jomboy) and Jake “Rocky” Storiale. O’Brien has a YouTube channel called Jomboy Media where he provides commentary to sports videos. He has access to mics on baseball fields, so he is able to tell you what players, coaches, and umps are saying during fights.

During Talking Yanks, Jomboy and Storiale, unsurprisingly, discuss everything Yankees related. It was created in 2017, so there are obviously a lot of episodes. Since February 18 (new episodes are recorded every day)  profile and projections for players on the lineup have been discussed.  This includes newly acquired players Gerrit Cole, Darren O’Day, and Corey Kluber. Jomboy and Storiale analyze statistical projections and discuss the latest news about players. They also dive deep into stats of their past performances.

Jomboy and Storiale are both funny podcasters. One second they are analyzing statistics; the next they are joking about how cute Gary Sanchez is. It does not always have to be a joke about somebody–the way that commentate baseball is just amusing. There is perfect mix of analysis and humor.

Die hard Yankees fans will love listening to this podcast. Everything Yankees related is discussed thoroughly. Those who are not familiar with statistical acronyms may not be able to follow certain analyses but they will enjoy the discussions none the less–they are always friendly and humorous. You may find yourself laughing out loud while listening to this podcast. 

Jomboy Media has another baseball podcast called Talkin’ Baseball. Projections for teams have been discussed since February. The episode about The Mets was on March 22. 

Talkin’ Yankees and Talkin’ Baseball can be listened to on their websites or podcast apps. including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.

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