Podcast Review: The Fight With Teddy Atlas

The Fight With Teddy Atlas is a podcast about boxing and MMA. The hosts are Hall of Fame boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas and triathlete Ken Rideout. In their podcast, they analyze boxing and MMA matches. They also make predictions on upcoming fights and Atlas offers strategies for fighters on their upcoming bouts. With his wealth of knowledge about boxing, Atlas provides insight on fights that the average boxing fan may not notice. This podcast will appeal to boxing and MMA fans and those who are interested in learning more about these sports.

The hosts recently uploaded a podcast about the boxing match between Dimtry Bivol and Canelo Alvarez. This was a boxing match that surprised many people because Bivol was dominant and won the fight. Bivol’s trainer asked Atlas for advice ahead of the boxing match, which Atlas talks about in this podcast episode. He describes strategies and encouragement he gave Bivol as he was the underdog. Atlas also talks about judges and how rounds are scored. According to him, his outspoken opinion on these matters is why he no longer is a boxing commentator on TV networks. Atlas’ openness on boxing is what makes him refreshing to listen to.     

Atlas and Rideout created an episode about the fight between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. This was the first women’s boxing match to headline a boxing event at Madison Square Garden. The fight lived up to its hype and was exciting from round one to round ten. Atlas describes how both women behaved like fighters and rose to the occasion. An example of this is how Taylor was able to recover after being hurt and ended up winning the fight. He talks about how other fighters may not have been able to recover from being hurt but Taylor had the mental fortitude to persevere. Atlas and Rideout do a thorough job at analyzing a spectacular boxing match.

In this podcast, Rideout and Atlas frequently interview fighters. These have included Micky Ward, George Kambosos, Dustin Poirier, and many others. It is interesting to hear from the fighters themselves about what it is like being in a boxing and UFC match. You will be fascinated to hear how hear how Micky Ward had three brutal fights with Arturo Gatti and yet ended up being best friends with him at the end of their trilogy.

What makes this boxing and MMA podcast different others is that Teddy Atlas talks about the psychology of these two sports. With years of training boxers and working with legends of boxing such as Cus D’Amato, he understands the importance of fighters mentally preparing before entering the ring and staying focused in a fight when it becomes scrappy. Rideout and Atlas discuss how when a fighter gets to certain level, mental strength plays a key competent to success in the ring. Listeners will also appreciate the passion the hosts share for boxing and MMA. This reflects in the way that they talk about allegations of corruption in boxing and fighters being well compensated for their boxing and UFC matches. This is a podcast that fight fans are sure to enjoy.

The Fight with Teddy Atlas can be watched on YouTube or listened to on podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and many others.

Mike Walsh

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