Podcast Review: The Last Night on The Titantic

April 15th marks the 109th anniversary of the sinking of The Titantic. The Titantic set sail on April 10th, 1912 out of Southhampton, England. It hit an iceberg on April 15th and sank 700 nautical miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over 1,500 people perished in this disaster. The podcast The Last Night on The Titantic examines a broad range of characters aboard the ship. These include bakers, a popcorn vendor, writers, cooks, trend setters, life savers,  musicians, doctors, and con artists. The hosts of the podcast are Dr. Scott Michael Rank and Veronica Hinke, whose book The Last Night on The Titantic is the basis for the podcast.  

There are many interesting people discussed in the eleven episodes of The Last Night on The Titantic. Two that stand out are Margaret “Molly” Brown and Charles Joughin. Molly Brown is known for her heroism in the sinking of The Titantic, which is confirmed by Hinke. Hinke describes how she became a leader in the lifeboat that she was in before and after the sinking of the ship. Her actions included encouraging women to row in the lifeboat in order to stay warm and leading them in songs to kept everyone’s spirits up. Once aboard The Carpathia, the ship that picked up survivors, she distributed food, drinks, and blankets to the survivors. Upon arriving in NYC, she organized a fund raiser for survivors that raised $10,000 (equivalent to $250,000 today).

Charles Joughin has sometimes been depicted as a drunkard who survived in the ocean due to his large consumption alcohol. Hinke does not believe that this is true. While he consumed alcohol, she believes it was not enough to leave him completely inebriated. She talks about how his survival was likely due to his calmness during the disaster, which prevented him from going into shock while he was in the ocean. Once aboard The Carpathia he was treated for hypothermia. It is discussed how he was somewhat a hero.  He instructed his kitchen staff to hand out loaves of bread to people in lifeboats before they descended into the ocean. In total, they distributed fifty-two loaves.

Besides discussions about the interesting characters aboard The Titantic, Hinke and Dr. Rank talk about the foods and drinks that were consumed aboard the ship.  This is based on records of menus and bottles of liquor found at The Titantic wreck site. There is one dish or beverage featured each episode. Some of the foods include salmon mousse, tripe, eclairs, and French vanilla ice cream. Cocktails likely drank include The Bronx and The Robert Burns.  Recipes of these dishes and beverages are provided.

The Last Night of The Titantic is a highly recommended podcast for those interested in the history of The Titantic and for those who want to learn more about it. Dr. Rank and Hinke spotlight people that you probably never knew about and provide more information on characters featured in movies, such as Titantic. A unique aspect to their podcast is the culinary history of foods and drinks of the 20th century. The creators make the podcast interactive by providing recipes to dishes and cocktails.  

The podcast can be listened to on The Last Night of The Titanic website or podcast apps, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Audible.

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