Podcast Review: The Moth – Pride 2021

The Moth Podcast is a collection of stories told by a variety of people. It is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. To celebrate National Coming Out Day, I will focus on the episode Pride 2021. In the episode, five people in the LGBTQ+ community share their stories. They talk about when they realized they were gay or transgender and what it was like to come out. They also describe what life was like after coming out and obstacles they overcame. Listeners will appreciate their heartfelt stories.

Meg Ferrill talks about her complicated relationship with her father. Though she came out to her father, he never seemed to acknowledge it. Ferrill is a wonderful storyteller and mixes a lot of humor into the experiences that she talks about. She sheds light on what members of the queer community sometimes face from their parents when they come out. 

Bisi Alimi describes his experience coming out in a community that is violently homophobic. He tried to suppress his feelings, but with the help of friends he was able to be true to himself. Like Ferrill, he is a superb storyteller and has a great sense of humor. You will feel empathy for him and others who live in a repressive society.

Bethany Cintron describes the fear in the LGBTQ+ community after the shooting at the Pulse nightclub. Despite her fear, Cintron still goes to a gay pride parade and celebrates her sexuality. She sets an amazing example of how to face adversity and not be intimidated by haters.

Jake Haller describes the struggle he faced in understanding his identity. He talks about feeling like a member of both genders while growing up. Haller does a great job of articulating his experience of being transgender that will help people understand what life is like for people of that identity.

Walter Cole (a.k.a. Darcelle) talks about suppressing his sexuality during a time in America where many people were homophobic. He married his wife and had two children to cover up his true identity. Later in life, he had the strength to come out with the support of a friend, and he became a drag queen. He describes the close relationship that he now has with his family, and leaves you with a positive and upbeat message.

The Pride 2021 episode of The Moth will help people understand what it is like for members of the LGBTQ+ community. The storytellers in the episode are enjoyable to listen to and clearly articulate their life experiences. They will inspire those who are afraid to come out or acknowledge their sexuality. I highly recommend this episode of The Moth.    

The Moth Podcast can be listened to on apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. It is also available on The Moth website.

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