Podcast Review: The Steam Room

The Steam Room is a sports and entertainment podcast by Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley. After retiring from basketball, NBA legend Barkley joined Johnson on Inside The NBA. Together, they started the podcast three years ago. Johnson and Barkley have a great chemistry-Johnson steers the conversations and Barkley provides hilarious commentary. There are entertaining guests and an engaging interaction with fans that is enjoyable to listen to. The hosts do a great job of blending serious topics with comic relief. I recommend this podcast to those who are interested in sports and enjoy comedy.  

Each podcast episode begins with a segment, “First of All”, where Charles Barkley talks about whatever is on his mind. This is usually his views on current events or sports performances. The segments show Barkley’s sincerity to people and he regularly expresses condolences those that have passed, such as Michael K. Williams. Listeners will appreciate his honesty and sincerity during these parts of the podcasts. 

The guests of the podcast are entertaining and share laughs with their hosts. Magic Johnson describes Barkley missing a Mike Tyson fight because his was in line at an arena getting food. Jimmy Kimmel talks about memorable guests on his show and how to handle awkward interviews. Spike Lee talks about the high stakes poker games that he witnessed members of The Dream Team playing. The hilarity and interesting discussions with guests are sure to capture your attention.

In the final segment of the podcast, Ernie and Charles listen and respond to fans of the show who leave them voicemails.  These have included moving messages from individuals struggling with issues ranging from cancer to damage done to their property by natural disasters. Those leaving voicemails talked about how they were able to ignore their struggles when they listened to The Steam Room and how it lifted their spirits. Both hosts are humbled by these messages and express their gratitude for having such inspirational supporters.

The Steam Room is mostly a sports podcast but its entertainment value will make it appealing to a general audience. The banter between the hosts and guests is often amusing. Charles Barkley especially has a great sense of humor. Besides the comedy in this podcast, both hosts give positive and sincere messages to their fans. There is a terrific blend of humor and heartfelt message in this podcast that listeners will enjoy hearing. 

This podcast can be listened to on apps such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. It can also be listened on The Steam Room web page. 

Michael Walsh

Will Branch-Adult Services

Mike has been a Michael Jordan fan since he was six.

P.S. Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson responded to a voicemail that I left them in their latest episode “Deep Fried and Tom. Their answer to my question about book recommendations is in the final segment of it.  Ernie recommends any book by the author Leif Enger. Charles is not a reader but it something that he aspires to. Thank you Charles and Ernie for responding to my voicemail!