Podcast Review: The West Wing Weekly

Hey, everyone!

This is the first podcast review in a series that I will be posting on the library blog.

Last week, I began to listen to The West Wing Weekly, which is a companion to the show The West Wing. It is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Molina, who plays Will Bailey on the show. The podcast analyzes and provides commentary to all of its 155 episodes. Additionally, those that were involved in the The West Wing are interviewed and describe what it was like to work on it. These include Aaron Sorkin, Martin Sheen, Bradley Whitford, Rob Lowe, Allison Janey, Dulé Hill, and various key people who worked behind the scenes on the show.

The podcast is very entertaining. The dialogue between the hosts and guests of the show is often funny. You get a chance to hear about pranks that the actors played on each other and a handshake that was passed on from Laurence Fishburne. Because Josh Molina was on the show and he is familiar with most of the guests, the interviews are informal and many amusing stories are told.  

Between the banter among the hosts and the guests, there is an analytical look at The West Wing. Dialogue between actors and events that take place are analyzed thoroughly, especially in terms of actors playing their characters and understanding their role in the show. Set and costume designers describe the nuts and bolts of putting the show together.  Those interested in acting and TV production will love these parts of the episodes.

Screenwriters who actually worked in the White House compare real life and fantasy and talk about how they crafted the script from real-life experiences. People with an interest in political science will enjoy hearing about working in the West Wing.

As you can see, The West Wing Weekly podcast is appealing to a broad range of people. It is cleverly crafted and engagingly narrated. It is a good incentive to watch The West Wing. All seven seasons of its DVDs can be found in the Westchester Library System catalog. You can place them on hold and pick them up at any branch of the Yonkers Public Library.   

The West Wing Weekly can be listened to on most podcast applications including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.