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Podcast Review: Truth and Lies: The Informant

Truth and Lies: The Informant is about an FBI informant infiltrating a right wing extremist group in the U.S. This podcast is an ABC Audio production hosted by Dick Lehr. He is the author of White Hot Hate: A True Story of Domestic Terrorism in America’s Heartland and Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a Devil’s Deal. With his extensive knowledge in domestic terrorism, Lehr provides background information on white nationalist groups in the United States. One of these groups, the Three Percenters, was investigated by the FBI with the help of informant Danny Ray Day. The Informant focuses on Day going undercover into this group. This is a thrilling podcast that will fascinate listeners.

Truth and Lies: The Informant begins the story of Ifrah Ahmed who is a Kenyan-Somali refugee. Ahmed sought asylum in Garden City, Kansas as a refugee. Unfortunately, her mother was in a Kenyan refugee camp and was not able to come with her. Ahmed was eager to work and found a job at a slaughterhouse which could occasionally be a hazardous. She formed a community with other refugees who had come from African and Asia. This influx of refugees lead Garden City to have a diverse demographic with twenty-three percent of the population being foreign born. The diversity in the city created paranoia for right wing groups who falsely believed Muslims were conspiring against the country. The background information at the start of the podcast is helpful in understanding the demographics of Garden City and the true stories of why refugees came to the United States.

Danny Ray Day went to a barbecue hosted by the Three Percenters (a extremist right wing group) by accident.  Day saw a pro-Palestinian flyer at the Garden City library, which upset him due to his pro-Israel stance. He shared the flyer with a friend who then shared it to another friend. Day was contacted by his friend about attending a barbecue. When he arrived at the barbecue, he spotted a Three Percenters flag on the premises. He overheard conversations filled with hateful rhetoric that shocked him. It turns out what Day thought was a friendly barbecue was a recruitment event for the Three Percenters. Day stated that had he known what type of event was being held, he never would have attended it.

What Day did not know was that the FBI had traced the flier back to him. Three Percenters posted the flier on Facebook and the FBI was able to trace it back Day. FBI agents questioned him and he explained what had occurred. The FBI agents asked if he would serve as an informant and he courageously agreed to it. With this new information, you learn how pieces of the story come together. It is enjoyable to listen to this clever storytelling.

 Truth and Lies: The Informant has five episodes in it. The first two episodes have been released today and the next three episodes will be released in the upcoming weeks. Listeners will be eager to listen to the rest of the series after listening to episode one. The story is not only interesting but brilliantly told.

You can listen to The Informant on major listening platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music, 

Truth and Lies: The Informant is recommended for mature audiences only due to explicit language in the podcast.

Michael Walsh

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