Podcast Review-Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler

Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler retraces the tragic fate of the victims and explores why a killer’s confession never closed the decades-old case. This podcast is an ABC Audio production hosted by Dick Lehr. He is the author of White Hot Hate: A True Story of Domestic Terrorism in America’s Heartland and Black Mass: Whitey Bulger, the FBI and a Devil’s Deal. In this podcast, Lehr thoroughly describes the Boston Strangler crime scenes. He also talks about the frantic hunt for the serial killer and the fear that was caused by them. Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler is a thrilling podcast that true crime fans will love. 

The podcast begins with the description of the crime scene of Anna Elsa Šlesers who was the first victim of the Boston Strangler. Lehr then describes other crime scenes that were created by the serial killer and the similarities between all of them. He talks about how people reacted to the brutal slayings such as women in Boston taking marital arts classes and putting broken bottles under windows. Dog shelters were empty due to people adopting dogs for protection. Prior to the murders, people were casual about letting people into their apartments. This is why police detectives believed that a building super might be the serial killer. The first episode hooks you into the podcast and you will be eager to hear about the search for the serial killer.

In episode two, Lehr talks about the methods that went into finding the Boston Strangler. The Boston Police Department (BPD) created a tip line and a generous reward of $100,000 to anyone who assisted in the arrest of the killer. Unfortunately, this lead to a few angry wives and girlfriends making allegations that their significant others were the Boston Strangler. The BPD got so desperate to solve the murders that they received the assistance of a psychic. This was expectedly unhelpful  and the police was criticized for seeking his assistance. The police finally received reliable information from a woman who was assaulted and they arrested Albert De Salvo. The episode ends in suspense and you are left wondering if De Salvo is the Boston Strangler.

New episodes of Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler are published weekly. At the end of each episode, a new piece of evidence of the case is revealed, which makes you eager to listen to the next one. It is a well crafted podcast that will fascinate true crime fans. 

As a warning, Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler contains vivid descriptions of crime scenes and murders. This podcast is for mature audiences only.  

You can listen to Truth and Lies: The Boston Strangler online or through apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Michael Walsh

Will Branch-Adult Services.