Read a New Book Month

Written by Laura Cacace.
Children’s librarian – Will Library
Laura is two books away from hitting her goal of reading 50 books this year.

The holiday season is upon us, and while the celebrations are something to look forward to, it can be a stressful time, too. Luckily, December is also “Read a New Book” month, and taking the time to read a new book might be just what you need to take some time for yourself and unwind, whether you’re an avid reader or not.

I’m a big re-reader. There are few things I love more than revisiting my favorite characters and literary worlds every now and then. But reading new books is always exciting too, especially when those books become new favorites that I can look forward to reading again in the future.

With all that said, finding a new book can be overwhelming. There are so many it’s hard to know how to choose one! Or even where to start. But when I’m looking for something new, I usually start by asking myself: What am I in the mood for?

The answer varies. Sometimes it’s something light; other times it’s something a little more challenging. Sometimes it’s something I’ve been wanting to read for a while; but other times it’s something I’ve never heard of. Sometimes I want something with lots of action, and sometimes I want a story that’s more character-driven. Sometimes I want something so different from what I normally read, I have no clue what I’m actually looking for!

That’s where browsing the library catalog as well as Overdrive to see what’s available comes in handy. At the same time, I might check out reviews on sites like Goodreads to see what other readers are buzzing about, and whether they’ve enjoyed a book or not. Personally, I like to read positive and negative reviews, and contrary to what you might be thinking, I haven’t read a negative review that’s put me off choosing something yet!

If, after taking those steps, you still aren’t sure where to start, you might try taking a look at the book carousels YPL librarians have put together on our website for ideas. And if you’re still stuck, feel free to ask a librarian for a recommendation! 

Wishing you the best of luck finding your new favorite read this December. Happy holidays and happy reading!