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Yonkers News Archive

Yonkers Public Library (YPL) is pleased to introduce the Yonkers News Archive, a digital archive of Yonkers newspapers, including the Yonkers Herald Statesman. It contains over 1.2 million pages of digitized, searchable newsprint ranging from 1857-1998.

The archive is the result of a partnership between YPL and YPL shared its extensive microfilm collection, which contains over 950 reels of microfilmed local newspapers, with, a member of the family. You can learn more about using the archive by viewing the YouTube tutorial below.

Accessing the Yonkers News Archive

If you are in the library, visit the Yonkers News Archive – Library Edition (1,230,000 pages): Please note you must be on a YPL public computer or YPL’s free wireless network to access this archive. If you access it remotely, you will be redirected to The Library Edition’s contents include:

  • Yonkers Herald Statesman (1932-1998)973,773 pages
  • Yonkers Statesman (1863-1932): 110,651 pages
  • Yonkers Herald (1891-1932): 132,644 pages
  • Yonkers Examiner (1857-1863): 1,414 pages
  • Yonkers Gazette (1868-1893): 5,476 pages
  • Yonkers Daily Record (1883): 40 pages

If you are at home, visit the Yonkers News Archive – Home Edition ( (6,890 pages)Accessible from anywhere on any device with an Internet connection. The home edition’s contents include:

  • Yonkers Examiner (1857-1863): 1,414 pages
  • Yonkers Gazette (1868-1893): 5,476 pages
Local History Research Assistance

If you’re unable to visit our libraries to access Yonkers News Archive directly, you can request research assistance by emailing In your email, please be as specific as possible by including full names, date ranges, addresses, or other information that can focus our search.

For more information about YPL’s other extensive local history collections, visit our local history page.