Ringing in the New Year with Recipes: Food Fun Adventures with Alyssa from Feeding Westchester

The Yonkers Public Library is hosting Ringing in the New Year: Feeding Westchester, a ZOOM program scheduled every other Tuesday from 1-2 pm. Alyssa Advincula, JSY Nutritionist from Feeding Westchester, will join us to share a new recipe and information that can help you make healthy lifestyle choices.

February 1: Sensational Snacks with Veggies and Fruits (https://jsyfruitveggies.org/sweet-potato-apple-stir-fry/): Topics will include the properties of cinnamon and ginger, skin on fruit and vegetables, cooking in an air fryer, the relationship between fiber and carbs, determining nutritional value.

February 15: Bountiful Breakfast Recipes: Chickpea Salad (https://jsyfruitveggies.org/chickpea-salad/): Topics will include the properties of cumin and chili, yogurts and substitutes, vitamins, fats, sodium intake.

March 1: Learn some New Lunch Recipes: Pepper Pizza (https://jsyfruitveggies.org/pepper-pizza/): Topics will include the properties of garlic powder and oregano, types of cheeses and what they can give your diet, substitutes for an English muffin, gluten free options, vitamins, fats, sodium.

March 15: Simple and a snap: Salads and Sides (https://jsyfruitveggies.org/baked-winter-squash/): Topics will include the properties of cinnamon and nutmeg, calories vs calories from fat, growing your own squash.

March 29: Mix it up! Main Courses for both meat lovers and vegetarians – Peas and Pasta (https://jsyfruitveggies.org/peas-and-pasta/): Topics will include adding meat to a recipe, various types of pasta plus gluten free options (rice, chick pea), properties of peas, types of oils, calories vs calories from fat, fiber and carbs ratio.

April 12: Delicious Desserts: Peach Crisp (https://jsyfruitveggies.org/peach-crisp/): Topics will include how to select fruit from the market, types of flours, sugars and oats and their properties — what they add to our diets and how they fuel our bodies, the margarine vs butter debate, iron and potassium, 240 calories of a daily intake, how to still have desserts without blowing your calorie intake.

April 26: Beautiful Beverages: Topics will include evaluation of different water bottles, plastic vs. glass vs. steel vs. aluminum and others — also water-infused drinks (https://jsyfruitveggies.org/fruit-infused-water-mixed-berry/) how to press fruit, how to shave ice, and types of ice cube trays.

To access the Zoom log-in for the program, click here.