Riverfront Projection: Extended Through June 4th with New Art!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended our partnership with Dave Steck projecting art from the Yonkers Room on the fourth floor of Riverfront Library. It now features a new projection, POOL SPLIT, which can be viewed evenings through June 4th. 

Artist Statement from Dave Steck:

POOL SPLIT digitally manipulates organic elements to capture the quiet beauty and peaceful isolation of light interacting with water.

It is part of my SPLIT series, where objects are filmed close enough to not reveal themselves entirely, but still retain their iconography. Using kaleidoscopic presentation and temporal manipulation to highlight movement, objects are deconstructed into a series of shapes and patterns, transforming them into something new while still retaining their essence.

Read more about the Riverfront Projections here.


FYPL (Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library) logoThis project is made possible in part from funding from the Foundation for the Yonkers Public Library.