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Scavenger Hunt Saturdays for Teens

Chance to Win $25 MasterCard Each Week

Congratulations to Aurora M., our winner on 5/15.

Next winner announced at Teen Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 4 PM via Zoom

GOAL:  In honor of Memorial Day, you must submit a memory photo from your phone or take a picture of a new memory.  Please add a caption.


  1. You must be a Teen (ages 12– 19).
  2. It must be your own work, no downloaded/copyrighted images.
  3. Inappropriate pictures will not be accepted.
  4. Be safe.  Don’t do anything dangerous.  Use good judgement.

Winners will be determined by the YA Librarians.  

The most creative submission will receive the most points.

A new hunt will be posted each Saturday morning by 9 am.  

SUBMISSIONS:   Please submit your entry here.

DEADLINE:  Entries must be submitted by the end of Friday 5/29.