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There are certainly many questions that will come up, given the unique nature of this situation. Here are some answers to questions you may be asking. We will continue to add to this document as more questions arise. 

As the situation continues to evolve rapidly please be sure to ASK YOUR MANAGER (see contact info below) if any questions arise, and they can get the questions to the leadership team as quickly as possible. 

Who should I ask if I have a question about this?
Your manager is the best person to ask for updates. All department heads will be participating in leadership calls regularly throughout the closure, and will have regular updates to share.

How long will YPL be closed?
At this time, we will be closed through March 31. Our aim is to keep our closure linked to the City of Yonkers plans for the school system.

What does it mean that we will be closed?
All branches will be closed to the public. No member of the public will be permitted to enter the buildings. There may be some staff in the buildings doing work at this time.

Will I be paid if I stay home?
All Full -Time employees of YPL will be paid as usual during the closure. Leave balances will not be affected–in other words, you will not use any of your vacation or other leave during this closure, regardless of whether you are working (at home or in a branch) on a given day.

The situation is different for Part-Timers. We are still working on a plan (to come).

Who will be working?
All full time staff are still officially “on the clock”, though not all staff will be able to perform their duties quite the way they would under normal circumstances.  We encourage you to think of this the way you might think of Jury Duty! You are expected to be available to work, and will be paid for your time. That said, there may well be some days when there is just no work to do, and you will also be paid for those days. 

I’ve heard we have a “skeleton” staff at the library. What does that mean?
Until we are able to open to the public, we may be bringing in a “skeleton staff” to work on projects and do specific tasks. This means that we will identify the bare minimum of staffing needed to run the services we choose to deliver. We will only bring staff in if it is safe to do so, and staff who are present will need to follow “social distancing” protocols. Your manager will let you know if you have been identified as someone needed in this capacity.

What if my job is difficult or impossible to do from home?
We want all staff to help us think creatively to come up with ways to participate. Please respond to the survey! You may end up doing something very different from your regular job!

Managers will be speaking with you about the best fit during this very different time. In some cases, where doing work may not be possible, we encourage staff to explore professional development activities. 

While the library is closed, can I get access to my workstation to pick up something I left behind?
Contact your department head or Branch Administrator. We should be able to work this out.

How can I forward phone calls from work to another number temporarily?
Refer to the Phone guide on the staff website at Contact the Help Desk at to reset your password for your extension.

How can I retreive voicemails at my extension?
Refer to the Phone guide on the staff website at Contact the Help Desk at to reset your Voicemail PIN code for your extension.


Susan Thaler, Acting Director,
Carlos Figueroa-PC Technician II,
Russell Martinez-Supervisor of Custodians,
Rose Aviles-Community Services Coordinator,
Christine Bitetti-Technology Instruction Coordinator,
Vivian Presedo-Business Manager,
Z Baird, Crestwood Library Branch Manager,
Sandy Amoyaw, Riverfront Branch Administrator,
Tara Somersall, Riverfront Children’s Department Head,
Mary Robison, Riverfront Adult Department Head,
Melinda Lance, Riverfront Clerical Supervisor,
Aurora Cruz, Will Branch Administrator,
Diane McCrink- Will Children’s Department Head,
Ruth Rosner-Will Adult Department Head,
Suzanne Johnson-Will Clerical Supervisor,