Technology at the Library

Yonkers Public Library (YPL) offers various technologies that can be accessed by the public at each of our three libraries. Please note that many technologies require a library card for use. Learn how to get a library card here.


YPL has public computers to use at each location. Every computer has internet access and the basic Microsoft Office suite of applications. You will need a library card to initiate a one hour computer session. After each session, the computer will automatically erase your browsing history and any personal documents saved locally to the computer.

Printing, Copying, Scanning, and Faxing

All YPL computers are networked to printers. The documents you print from your public computer can be “released” at these printers if you pay $.15 per page for black & white prints and $.50 per page for color prints.

YPL also has fax machines at each location (Riverfront Library’s 1st Floor, Will Library fine arts section, and Crestwood Library’s main reading room). Documents can only be sent out, not received. Fax machines can also scan documents which be emailed to an address or saved to a flash drive.

Additionally, YPL offers high resolution KIC BookEdge Scanners at Riverfront Library (3rd Floor) and Will Library (main reading room), which offer many additional features.

Each location has photocopiers. The cost of photocopying each page is $.15 for black & white printing and $.35 for color printing. 

3D Printing

YPL has 3D printers at its Riverfront Library. You can design your own 3d object or download a pre-existing 3d object and have it printed at the library. Learn more about the service and policies here.

In-Branch Wi-Fi

Yonkers Public Library offers free, in-branch Wi-Fi at each location at the fastest rates offered by the local ISPs (Internet Service Providers). 

Laptop and Hotspot Loan

YPL offers laptops and hotspots to loan through its Library of Things program. Learn more here

Tech Central

YPL’s premier technology space is Tech Central, located on Riverfront Library’s third floor. It features a learning lab, maker lab, media lab, recording studio, and virtual reality space. Learn more about Tech Central here.