The NY Times Book Review Podcast

Hey Everyone!

If you are looking for a new book to read, try listening to The Book Review Podcast by the New York Times. In this podcast, authors of newly published fiction and non-fiction books are interviewed. The format consists of a synopsis and background of the featured books. It’s interesting to hear how some fiction books are based on real life experiences of the authors.

Outside of the interviews, the hosts of the podcast (Gregory Cowles, John Williams, and Pamela Paul) discuss the books that they are reading. They deliver literary critiques for the books discussed; this is especially appealing to English majors and heavy readers.  People looking for new books to read will also enjoy listening to these discussions of books that span a wide range of genres. The podcast is casual and engaging with a blend of seriousness, humor and lighthearted conversation to keep listeners engaged.

Additionally, the hosts occasionally take time to answer questions from the audience. Questions are generally about the publishing industry. From one of the questions, I learned you can purchase eBooks on websites other than Amazon, like Kobo and Hummingbird.  This Q & A segment gives the audience a chance to interact with the host, which can certainly be appealing to loyal listeners. 

The Book Review Podcast is free to listen even if you don’t have a NY Times subscription. To listen to it on their web page does require one, though. It can be found and listened on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and podcast apps. 

Happy listening!