This Day in History Class-Mayflower Compact

This Day in History Class created an interesting episode about The Mayflower Compact. It was an agreement of self government signed by passengers of The Mayflower who founded Plymouth Colony. A key aspect of the Mayflower Compact was colonists creating their own laws and constitution.

The Mayflower Compact was signed by 41 men out of the 102 people who landed at Plymouth Colony. Pilgrims made up off about half of the passengers. Other travelers came from a variety of backgrounds. To prevent discontent in the colony, some of those who were not pilgrims were included in the agreement. Despite the problems with The Mayflower Compact in excluding women and other colonists in the pact, it set the foundation for the U.S. Constitution in creating self-government. This Day in History Class provides a concise summary of The Mayflower Compact.

On Thursday, November 17, there will be a lecture about The Mayflower Compact at 2 PM.  This program will held on Zoom. The presenters are from the Liberty Tree Society that have researched The Mayflower Compact and the American Revolution. To register, visit the YPL online calendar.    

Michael Walsh

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