Tips for Creating a Podcast

Podcasts have been growing in popularity since their creation in 2001. In the United States, 90 million people listen to podcasts weekly. For those who are considering starting their own podcasts, I have provided tips and resources about starting one.

Before you begin recording a podcast, it is important to create goals you hope to achieve. Some of the reasons can be: talking about your expertise on a topic, providing entertainment, and sharing an important message.

Podcasts have varying lengths but for even short episodes, you need to have a lot to talk about. This is why it is important to pick a theme that you are passionate about. There is a lot of preparation that goes into podcasting so it’s good to to be interested in what you are researching. Your passion for a topic will also make you enjoyable to listen to.

There are a few podcast platforms you can use to record, edit and upload podcast episodes. These can be done on desktops or their apps. You are required to create an account and you may have to pay a fee depending on how much you upload, but you can complete all the steps of podcasting with these platforms. They include:

The other ways to record, edit, and host a podcast besides using these platforms.

To record a podcast you can use external microphones plugged into a computer or soundboard, handheld voice recorders, Zoom, and apps on smartphones such as Voice Memo. There is a microphone connected to a soundboard at the Will Library that you are welcome to use. 

A couple of recommended editing software programs are Audacity and Garageband

Besides the mentioned podcast platforms, options include Soundcloud and   

Before recording a podcast, it is recommended that you write a script and create an outline about what you want to talk about. This will assist if you lose your train of thought while recording and help conduct interviews with a guest.

For additional tips about creating a podcast and product recommendations, I recommend taking a look at Buzzsprout’s start-up guide and the Podcast Host website.

Feel free to reach out to me to use the recording equipment at the Will Library or for other questions about podcasting and conducting oral history interviews.

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