Winter Reading Challenge- Bingo Cards for Teens

Calling all teens to the Winter Reading Challenge! 

With February break coming up there will be plenty of time to cozy up with a good book. Not sure what to try? Want to earn some prizes while reading? Try our Teen Bingo Card!

The first three teens to complete the challenge will win Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards. After the first three, any teen who finishes will win a snack. Try a new type of story, a character with different experiences than you, or a popular book you saw on TikTok’s #bookTok. 

Pick up a bingo card at the 3rd floor Reference desk at Riverfront Library. 

White bingo card on a blue background.
Top reads Winter Reading Challenge in white small cursive letters. 
Second Line: Bingo in large bold white letters. 
White BINGO grid, 5 rows and 5 columns.
1st Row, Column 1: #booktok book
1st Row Column 2: romance novel
2nd Row Column 3: MC from different country
1st Row Column 4: YA Novel
1st Row Column 5: Audiobook

2nd Row Column 1: MC with different religion
2nd Row Column 2: Fantasy
2nd Row Column 3: Graphic Novel 
2nd Row Column 4: New release!
2nd Row Column 5: SiFi

3rd Row Column 1: Mystery
3rd Row Column 2: Book with Warm Weather
3rd Row Column 3: Free Space
3rd Row Column 4: Urban Fiction
3rd Row Column 5: Award Winner

4th Row Column 1: Rural Setting
4th Row Column 2: Classic 
4th Row Column 3: Paperback
4th Row Column 4: LGBTQIA Character
4th Row Column 5: Adventure Story

5th Row Column 1: Book you loved as a kid
5th Row Column 2: NYT Best Seller
5th Row Column 3: Book you with you read in school
5th Row Column 4: Cookbook
5th Row Column 5: Nonfiction

Winter Reading Challenge Bingo Card