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Objet Trouve’
November 1 – January 3

Special Reception: Thursday, December 6, 5:30-7:30 pm

“Guarded Trash” by Librado Romero, Mixed-media

Found objects (sometimes referred to by the French term for found object ‘objet trouvé’) may be put on a shelf and treated as works of art in themselves, as well as providing inspiration for the artist. Found objects may also be modified by the artist and presented as art, either more or less intact as in the dada and surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp’s readymades, or as part of an assemblage.

This exhibit is part of First Thursday Gallery Hop sponsored by the Yonkers Gallery Group, an alliance of galleries including Blue Door Art Center, Friends of Philipse Manor Hall, Urban Studio Unbound (US+U), and Yonkers Riverfront Library.  Local restaurants are offering a 10% food and drink discount on April 5 for gallery attendees. Coupons can be picked up at any of the four galleries.  



January 10 – February 25: Of Kings and Queens

The titles “king” and “queen” are terms of shared racial acknowledgment and endearment. They harken to the great cultures of Africa and the vast technologies and innovations that across the world, we benefit from, but very seldom acknowledge as originating in Africa. This exhibit will shine a light on a narrative that is missing; contributions in technology, science, culture, music, engineering, agriculture, textiles, conservation, and art, have enriched our lives and shaped our culture.

March 7 – April 22: Womantide

Women’s art work continues to be undervalued, overlooked and under-represented simply because the work is created by a woman. In fact, even if a female artist’s work is cast into the limelight as a “rediscovery” such as Bonheur, Gentileschi, Scipio Moorhead or Alma Thomas, it soon is forgotten once again. Are female artists “getting their turn” as the New Times proclaimed in 2016? In this exhibit we are celebrating female artists by dedicating our gallery not to women’s work, but powerful work created by women who refuse to be overlooked.

May 2 – June 24: Those Who Teach

Not all art teachers are artists and not all artists are teachers, but there are those educators who maintain a thriving art practice outside of the classroom. We want to showcase those teachers who balance the demanding task of teaching while developing ideas and executing creative projects in an art making practice. We are primarily seeking artists from Yonkers and the surrounding areas in Westchester County and the five boroughs and from all levels of K-12 and upper academia. We seek works in any medium, including installation, but our ability to install digital media is somewhat limited. Please email with any questions.

The Riverfront Art Gallery is located on the 4th floor of the Riverfront Library, the main branch of the Yonkers Public Library. It opened in 2009.   
3D model of the Riverfront Art Gallery  

The Riverfront Yonkers Public Library in downtown Yonkers has long been the cultural center for the arts in Yonkers. The gallery exhibits contemporary, nationally and internationally acclaimed artwork. The mission of the gallery is to present a diverse and balanced schedule of exhibits of high caliber, progressive artwork and related programs not frequently seen in Yonkers and surrounding communities. The exhibit schedule is managed by a committee that is appointed by the library director.  Haifa Bint-Kadi is the curator for the gallery and head of this committee. 

Applications for exhibits may be sent in digital form to:

Application packages may be addressed to: 
Gallery Committee, Riverfront Library, One Larkin Center, Yonkers NY 10701.

Applications should include:
• Artist’s statement on the work to be presented
• Artist’s C.V.
• Up to three references from other galleries and/or peer artists.

**Tag us using #RiverfrontArtG in any of your photo uploads and comments
pertaining to past and future exhibitions.