Family History Project

The Family History Project is an opportunity for family members to interview each other and learn about their family's history. Participants of this project will be provided questions to ask during oral history interviewers. They can use the recording booth in the Creative Studio at the Will Library to record the interviews. Audio recordings will be preserved on the YPL digital archive. Family photographs can also be scanned and uploaded with oral history interviews. Each participant will recieve a copy of their audio recording and digitized photographs.

At the Reference Desk at the Will Library, folders will be provided to all participants of this project. The folders contain: a script and questions for the oral history interview; instructions on reserving the audio recording booth in the Creative Studio and using voice recording apps; and a consent form that gives YPL permission to post the oral history interview and photographs on the YPL digital archive. Spanish translated questions and consent forms are also in the folders. 

For questions about the Family History Project, contact Michael Walsh at or 914-457-1859.

Michael Walsh is an Adult Services Librarian at the Will Library. He is currently reading Holly by Stephen King.  


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