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Ancestry Plus

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Ancestry.com includes the U.S. Federal census, American genealogical biographical index, immigration list index and more. NOTE: This database can be accessed on select computers within the library and cannot be accessed from home.

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Family Search

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Explore the world’s largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and resources. The Yonkers Riverfront Library is a FamilySearch Affiliate Library and offers onsite access to digitized records not available offsite.
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Gale OneFile: Science

Gale OneFile: Science

Gale OneFile: Science has information on the latest developments across a range of scientific disciplines. Updated daily.

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Gale OneFile: World History

Gale OneFile: World History

Gale OneFile: World History contains balanced coverage of events in world history and scholarly work being established in the field.

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Historical NY Times & NYT Full Text (1851-2019)


The Historical NY Times includes all the articles published since the first issue of the paper in 1851. Provides full text and full image articles with digital reproductions of every page, every article and every issue in PDF format.

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Yonkers News Archive - Onsite Edition

yonkers news archive

Access to the Yonkers Herald Statesman (1932-1998), Yonkers Statesman (1863-1932), Yonkers Herald (1891-1932), Yonkers Examiner (1857-1863), Yonkers Gazette (1868-1893) & Yonkers Daily Record (1883).

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Yonkers Public Library Archive

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An archive of historical pictures of Yonkers Public Library and the city of Yonkers.

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