Notary Public Stamp

Most weeks, a notary is available on these days and times, on the second floor of the Riverfront Library:

  • Mondays           1-3 pm

  • Tuesdays           2-4 pm

  • Wednesdays     12-1 pm

  • Thursdays         10-11 am & 1-2 pm

  • Fridays               2-4 pm

On the day you plan to come, please call 914-337-1500, ext. 427 to check availability. Our notaries' hours may change day-to-day. Don't waste your trip!

Fill out the information on the document, but DO NOT sign or date the document before meeting with the notary. Bring a current photo ID.

Other notary public locations near Riverfront Library:

Hudson River Immigrant Services
30 S. Broadway, Room 7C

Thruway Business Center
30 S. Broadway, Room 810

Perfect Tax Service Corp.
33 S. Broadway

Most banks provide notary service, particularly if you have an account there.

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